If you’re in pitch blackness, all you can do is sit tight until your eyes get used to the dark.
Haruki Murakami (via spektacular)

(via desperatelyquiet)



recent things: 

1. i have been sad often lately 

2. had a conversation re cutting yesterday, the friend couldn’t understand why people did, in attempt to explain i said something along the lines of ‘you get these impulses and you try to control them then one day you can’t” then gave up entirely b/c it’s not something you can explain  

3. i keep listening your playlist from october twenty twelve. how things have changed, and yet not 

4. before i left for brunch today i wore my key for the first time, and you lifted your head and said “i guess it’s not a circle kind of day today huh” and i said “it’s cos you’re not coming” but what i really wanted to say was “no it really isnt” 


more folding
all the folding

will try this starting may maybe 


time to fold again
i knew it’d come
sooner or later


some days i feel very alone. 

today, is one of them. 

fucking hate winter


hello it has been awhile

things i’d like to try this year

in 2013,

collect jar of happy memories 

three six five diary to better remember my time with you  

note the books i’ve read each month

spend more time with people i care 


but you’ve been good for so long